The Heart of International Nightlife 

Shortly after opening it's doors, Provocateur quickly became known as "the heart of international nightlife." Since it's inception in 2009, Eye-Def Media has worked closely with owners Michael Satsky and Brian Gefter to develop a "member's only" electronic music venue to "cater to woman's every desire." Now, with locations in Dubai and Rio De Janeiro, Provocateur has become one of the most recognizable luxury nightlife brands in the world.


Starting with it's iconic logo, we meticulously crafted brand assets, guidelines and supporting collateral. We developed and maintained a website platform connecting over 10,000 fans each month, produced weekly print and digital outreach campaigns and provided regular event support including: conceptual creative, production assistance and project management.


Regarded as the nightlife venue that pioneered the progressive electronic music movement in New York, Provocateur regularly hosts the world's top talent. We've provided a dedicated film and photography support team to capture the essence of countless iconic evenings featuring world renowned artists such as Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, Deadmau5 and Avicii to name a few.

We’ve been working with Eye-Def Media since the beginning. They’ve been a crucial partner in the successful development of the many brands and operations we manage.
— Brian G.