The One Stop Yoga Platform

Originating in India nearly 5,000 years ago, Yoga is now one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In response, Yoga related products and services have flooded the market. Seeking to become the industry's marquee e-commerce experience, One Stop Yoga Shop approached us to develop their brand with a grand vision to unite all things Yoga into one beautifully integrated platform.


In need of 360ยบ brand development, One Stop Yoga Shop partnered with Eye-Def Media to bring an idea to life. We established our marketing goals through demographic research and analysis and began shaping the brand from the ground up.


Following the establishment of a gender neutral brand identity that would appeal to the health and wellness community, we provided supporting brand assets, marketing materials, and strategic consulting to better position the company for rapid growth. With a market tested brand in place, we designed and developed a robust social e-commerce sales platform connecting Yoga consumers and enthusiasts directly to the products and services they desire.

Eye-Def Media stands out from other agencies due to their extraordinary quality of design as well as for being an amicable team you genuinely WANT to work with.
— Seline S.